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Based on our own technologies, We are leading the scoreboard products and industry.

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We have launched the new product.
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We read and count all matches of the world

As the top scoreboard company, We dedicate ourselves to best solutions and customer satisfaction.

Our Products


​High Quality

​There is nothing to worry about electrical malfunction or physical breakdown.


Our products are very excellent durability.

Easy Control

Intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to handle.

Our New Product

OP 524MP3

Upgraded version of 524P, you can use all of the existing functions, and wireless data transmission method can be added, you can send it to a monitor or a large screen using the keyboard, and you can enjoy 10 sports with your favorite music.

You can take it anywhere, anytime, and enjoy 10 different sports including basketball and table tennis.


We welcome product inquiries and technical inquiries.

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